Red Cross Preschool Lessons

Red Cross Swim Preschool is an eight-level, stand-alone program for four-month to six-year-old children that allows swimmers to enter various levels based on age and ability. The first three levels of the Preschool program require a parent or caregiver to be involved and in the water with the swimmer. Swimmers must attend a minimum of 8 classes to be eligible to progress to the next level, as well as meeting the skill requirements.



4–12 months, & participate with parent/caregiver. An introductory class for babies and their parent/caregiver. Babies must be able to hold their head up to enter this level. This goal of orientation to water class is to experience buoyancy, movement, entries and songs and play in the water.


12–24 months, & participate with parent/caregiver. Toddlers build confidence while enjoying the water through games, songs and active water play.


24–36 months, & participate with parent/caregiver. This level develops skills in swimming, glides, and floating. Parents will slowly transition the preschoolers to the care of the instructor.


3–5 years & just starting without parent. Swimmers work on assisted front and back float and guides, kicking on front and with a buoyany object and will be able to swim 1m upon completion of this level.


3–5 years Actively learn new swimming skills including assisted floats and glides through games and songs. The fun includes learning to jump into chest deep water.


3–5 years Can jump into chest deep water without help, float independently and glide on the front and back for 2m without assistance. Learning also focuses on good judgement in, on and around the water!


3–5 years Can comfortably slip into deep water, perform independent float on front and back in deep water, do surface support for 5 seconds and achieve a distance of 5m.


3–5 years Can float/move in deep water without assistance, breathe rhythmically 10 times, flutter, do surface support for 10 seconds and swim 10m. Preschoolers will increase their distance and improve skills!